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Every division in IT has long-term consequences but many systems and digitization projects suffer from subjective decisions and the bias of the respective stakeholders.

Data-driven analysis and continuous evaluation based on qualified models sustainably avoid cyber risks such as system failures and attacks.

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Based on the information base created by the analysis, we work with you to develop a consistent IT strategy to support and further develop your core processes.

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Through technical and organizational change projects, all components of the new IT strategy are implemented in your organization and their success is checked through objective reviews.

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Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

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Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

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Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

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Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

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Every devision in IT has long-term consequences but many systems and digitalization projects suffer from subjective decisions.

Our Services


Solving complex IT problems across all industries.

Industrial companies depend on highly available systems. Whether production or logistics, all areas of the company depend on reliable applications and high data integrity.

Industry & Automotive

Efficient digital systems and infrastructure is the bloodstream of a modern manufacturing operation.

Why IT in Industry & Automotive:

Improve employee productivity

Increasing entrepreneurial flexibility

Protection against cyber-risks

Transportation & Logistics

When the core business runs "just in time", the IT systems must be able to guarantee a correspondingly high level of availability.

Why IT in Transportation & Logistics:

Efficient and reliable communication

Increasing productivity through pragmatic cloud solutions

Software driven services

Banks & Insurance

Availability and security guarantee fast and seamless information flow in the modern financial system.

Why IT in Banks & Insurance:

Improve employee productivity


Software driven services

Consultants & Service Providers

Superior customer performance requires constantly available information and communication channels.

Why IT in Consultants & Service Providers:

Software driven services


Enabling your IT to move at the speed of business.

What technologies we use to enable IT infrastructure systems.

Exchange Online

Sharepoint Online

Microsoft Teams

Office Apps


Defender for 365

Windows Server

Exchange Server

Active Directory

Azure AD

Azure AppProxy

Azure Stack

Azure Arc

Azure Sentinel

Azure IoT

Citrix DaaS

Citrix Hypervisor

VMware vSphere

VMware vSAN

VMware Horizon



Open vSwich



Sophos XG

Sophos SG

Sophos Wireless

Sophos Endpoint