Focused expertise: streamlined, agile teams delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Agility: our competitive edge for adaptive success.


On fire for technology

Passionate about technology, constantly pushing boundaries to transform digital landscapes.


Outside the box

Embracing unconventional thinking, fostering creativity to devise groundbreaking, adaptive solutions in a dynamic world.


Reduced to the essential

Prioritizing essentials to deliver streamlined, impactful solutions tailored to client needs.


Always remain honest

Upholding honesty, integrity, and open communication to foster strong relationships with clients and partners.

Development since 2014


Founding of DSP IT as a technology spin-off of the MEKU Group

MEKU Group's competencies in IT infrastructure and Industry 4.0 are outsourced and the team is significantly expanded. This creates the basis for growth in the entire German market.


Merger of DSP IT and Purevirtual

DSP IT and Purevirtual will be united as Purevirtual GmbH as a first transformation step in 2019.


Conversion to a stock corporation

The newly created Purevirtual GmbH is converted into a stock corporation.


Strategic partnership with Thomas-Krenn.AG

The transformation to Sysfacts AG is successfully completed with the entry of another strategic investor.


Meet the founder

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A authentic boutique for technology and innovation.

Managing Consultant | CEO

Yannick Haymann

About Me

Yannick founded Sysfacts AG in 2019 as the successor of DSP GmbH. Trained at United Internet, Yannick gained a lot of experience in the German IT sector as an engineer, IT manager and managing director of a group subsidiary. Most recently, he worked as a freelance consultant.

My Philosophy

"I believe in the meaningfulness of a democratic corporate architecture characterized by employee participation as a sustainable home for enthusiastic and intrinsically motivated experts. Employees' ideas are valuable assets and should be treated as such. Fortunately, the days of static top-down corporate design are over!"

Employee Owned

Integral system components, and proud stakeholders.

Empowerment and participation are essential aspects of our structure even in the freelance economy of niche experts.

Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

View open positions

Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

View open positions

Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

View open positions

Become Part of the Sysfacts Team!

View open positions

why work with us

Fancy becoming digital? Sysfacts is hiring!

Our everyday work lives from motivation, personal responsibility and the contribution of each individual to the company's growth.

Open positions

Junior Engineer – Datacenter (m/w/d)

Location: Koblenz | Type: Full-time | Date: 13. September 2023

Your work benefits at a glance.

Individual solutions to suit your life situation and your own needs.

Flexible working hours

Everyone has their time preferences and knows best when to work most efficiently. We work goal-oriented and allow you to live out your ideas of a productive but fulfilling everyday life.

Flexible work location

As an architect of digital working environments, we lead by example, so you can work from the location that represents the best working environment for you. Results count for us, whether it's your home office, a coworking space or a house in Norway.

Space for further education

It is important that you deal with the topics that interest you and that you enjoy. We want to promote your professional development and provide you one week a year for further education and training. You are free to decide on your subject areas and use this opportunity to explore new specialist areas.

Goal-oriented work

At Sysfacts, everyone pulls together. Even if you work as a consultant in customer service or administer one of our data centers - through binding agreements based on transparent goals, you benefit from the success of your work and are an essential part of the entrepreneurial success of our customers!

Employee testimonials:

The challenge to develop and implement my own creative approaches to solutions has always been very important to me. As an employee of Sysfacts AG, I can live out exactly this preference, as work and private life complement each other excellently through goal-oriented and agile work.
Jakob Weber

Jakob Weber

Consultant, Sysfacts AG

Rhenish cheerfulness meets transformation expertise.


Rudolfplatz 3
50674 Cologne


Universitätsstraße 3
56070 Koblenz

With roots on the Rhine and Moselle and a sharpened eye for the needs and requirements of medium-sized businesses.

Thinking outside the box, but with style!

Our team is based in the Rhineland, but supports projects in manufacturing and industry throughout Europe.

For reasons of sustainability and efficiency, our solutions are designed to work with the customer largely independent of location. This not only saves emissions, but also our customers' time and money. Thanks to this modern way of working, our employees can focus on customer challenges while spending quality time with their families.

We are convinced that a balance between private life and work enables the necessary focus and mental resilience for extraordinary performance.

  • Projects per year: 40+

  • Restructured environments: 57

  • Experts in our network: 53

  • Datacenters we operate: 6

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Every devision in IT has long-term consequences but many systems and digitalization projects suffer from subjective decisions.

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