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Our Clients


Achieve the highest level of business continuity through modern IT solutions.

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Finds your challenges and possibilities.

Increases the resilience of your business.

Keeps your business running.

Increases your productivity through digitization.

Enables you digital work environments.

Creates transparency in your IT infrastructure.


Sysfacts impacts individuals to elevate organisations.

From small businesses to cloud data centers and big enterprise companies.

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Security through architecture

Expert and far-sighted architecture of IT systems extensively minimizes attack vectors without additional costs.

Increase productivity

With the elimination of risk factors, there is room for the analysis and use of existing potential. Through the intelligent use of the latest.

Enabling global collcaboration

Our modern IT systems enable close and secure collaboration between global teams or globally distributed companies.

Work-Life integration

Through people-centric work environments, we enable our customers to retain experts and talent through a comfortable and reliable digital workplace.



Impacting Individuals to help organizations move forward.

A modern organization consists of people with different skills and needs. Modern digital infrastructure enables companies to provide people-centric workplaces for the ideal use of their potential.

Fast communication

Stable processes

Location independence

High flexibility


Solving complex IT problems across all industries.

Experts with honest and authentic understanding of your business.

Industry & Automotive

Efficient digital systems and infrastructure is the bloodstream of a modern manufacturing operation.

Transportation & Logistics

When the core business runs "just in time", the IT systems must be able to guarantee a correspondingly high level of availability.

Banks & Insurance

Availability and security guarantee fast and seamless information flow in the modern financial system.

Consultants & Service Providers

Superior customer performance requires constantly available information and communication channels.

When deciding which strategy to choose for operating the infrastructure, all options must be evaluated with an open mind based on the requirements.


Yannick Hayman

Managing Consultant, Sysfacts AG


Leverage the benefits of digital infrastructure.

We are excited every day by the infinite possibilities of digital systems and want our customers to benefit from these possibilities.

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Values in IT Consulting

[01] Values In IT Consulting

IT consulting needs values

Pri melius dissentias et. Te usu nisl pertinax, detracto epicurei comprehensam id mei. Viris legimus ut per, ea pri erant feugiat.





[02] Facts In IT Consulting

IT consulting needs facts

Analysis framework

Proven analysis methods as a starting point for measurable success.


Our netFACTS software automates complex analyses and provides the link between IT systems and business processes.

Decision framework

Every decision requires an objective and reasoned decision-making process to avoid future uncertainties.

Complexity needs individuality.

Every company has an individual USP and our mission is to cast this USP into a digital architecture.

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Your core business is the tip of the iceberg and is always supported and driven by your applications and infrastructure. Many business processes rely on digital applications and procedures.


ERP, CRM, Mailing, Filetransfer, Databases, etc.

IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure of any company is the basis for long-term continuity. With our Managed Services, we take your time-consuming daily tasks off your hands and free up time for the issues that drive your business.

IT infrastructure

Network, Server, Endpoints, Connectivity, etc.

IT security

Applications and IT infrastructure form the nervous system of a modern company and should be protected accordingly. IT security starts with the topic of patch management and extends from the IT area to many company processes.

IT security

Firewall, Authentication, SoC, SIEM, etc.

IT strategy

Your IT strategy is an essential part of your corporate strategy and should always act as an enabler. Together with you, we develop a solid IT strategy tailored to the needs of your company.

IT strategy

Processes, manuals, responsibilities, long-term goals.

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Ice Berg Processes

How we do

A sustainable IT strategy means efficient business continuity.

Every devision in IT has long-term consequences but many systems and digitalization projects suffer from subjective decisions and the bias of the respective stakeholders.

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In addition to your corporate strategy, our specialized analysts take a detailed look at existing processes and the associated applications.

  • Recording of the current state

  • Objectification of the capture by netFACTS

  • Gathering of business requirements


The information gained enables a compilation of requirements and, based on this, a pre-selection of possible technologies and solutions to limit the planning effort.

  • Open technology approach

  • Access to expert network

  • High efficiency due to our own reference model database


Based on the information created by the analysis, we work with you to develop a consistent IT strategy to support and further develop your core processes.

  • Modeling and visualization with netFACTS


Our transformation framework enables the transformation of your digital infrastructure without impact and enables sustainable increase of your efficiency and business continuity.

  • Interdisciplinary transformation expert team

  • Proven transformation framework

  • Hyper care experts for the early life phase after the migration

01 Human

02 Technology

The Process

Our holistic approach considers your company as an overall system.

A company is people working together towards a common goal and developing and living processes for this purpose - we don't see IT as an end in itself, but as the digital image of your company.

Our Technology Partners

Our analysis process fully captures the existing environment and creates a basis for clean planning in every situation.






Careful planning of the implementation guarantees a low-impact transformation to a contemporary IT architecture.






Our transformation framework is the sum of our experts' knowledge and ensures a successful restructuring of your digital infrastructure.

Project management





If desired, we can provide ongoing support for the operation of your IT infrastructure and assist internal resources in mastering the operational challenges of a complex digital environment.

The Tools

We think first in terms of tools and then in terms of products.

We rely exclusively on state-of-the-art applications and technologies, but also consider relevant aspects such as future-proofing and compliance at all times.

Your IT Challenges

Start building your tomorrow, today with Sysfacts 360°

Every devision in IT has long-term consequences but many systems and digitalization projects suffer from subjective decisions.

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